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I have been blogging for a DECADE! In that time I've changed. I've grown up. It's not about slagging off work any more (much) or nights out getting smashed (well, occasionally), its all about my kids and my married life (and how sometimes, just sometimes, I wish I could escape both for an hour or two). I like who I am, and where I am in life. This is me. 30 something and settled. Who'd of thought it.....

So you want to know more about me?

I'm Charlie, or CharlieBeth online, and sometimes (with my older friends and drinking buddies) and I am still Chig. I am also - in more recent years Mumma Walker!

I started this blog in 2003. I'd met the man of my dreams a couple of years earlier and we had no real plans for our life that didn't revolve around the next night out with our friends. We coasted through life, working to pay for the next night out, the next computer game, the next take-away. My blog was filled with rants about work, stories of nights out, and any general ramblings that passed through my mind.

But times change! On our 4th Anniversary we got engaged. 2 years after that on our 6th Anniversary we tied the knot. We came back from honeymoon expecting our first baby!

The "I Do" Bits

Dearest Hubby proposed to me at sunset on one of my favorite beaches, Roseneiger on Angelsey . Naturally I said yes! And our wedding photographer took some lovely shots of us at our wedding-venue-to-be .Engagement Photos. We got married at Towneley Hall in Burnley (my home town), and it was a great do! Loads of people, good food, good wine, good times! Some of the best photos at any wedding are the unofficial ones taken by friends and family. Here are some of ours! Unofficial Wedding Photos And the beautiful official wedding photos! Official Wedding Photos We flew off to Bol, Croatia, and had the loveliest time! We've always said we'll go back and take the kids one day. Honeymoon

The Kids

Our wonderful sons! I do love them so much! Before I had kids I had no idea there could be so much love in the world. And just when I think my heart will simply burst if I feel any more love, we find ourselves with a new bundle of joy and the amazement that there will ALWAYS be more love to give! That said there are days when they drive me crazy!

So I'll quickly introduce the kids. Allow me a moment to brag because I am so very proud of them.

Jack, our eldest, born March 2008. A real comic, he has me in stitches most days. He's also bright as a button and doing really well in school with anything remotely academic, sitting in the top groups for pretty much all subjects - although he's no stranger to trouble! He truly is his dad's son and could almost be a clone of him some days!

Tom, our second born who arrived June 2010. He's my "Blondie", but he's really a total Dad's Lad. Also very smart, he's very creative - loving to singand to build - and is doing brilliantly at school topping his class in Maths taking leading rolls with his friends.

George, our 3rd boy joined the family in April 2012. He's all about Mummy! Georgie is a little charmer and a total touble maker! He is every bit as bright as his brothers, but just as they are so different from each other, he is totally different again! He's in nursery now and just loves to play and sing!

Freddie is our fourth and final bundle of joy. He was born 3 weeks early amid much drama in July 2014. As I write this he is still a small baby and we're waiting to get to know his wee personailty. But if he is ANYTHING like his 3 adoring big brothers we're in for trouble! And a whole lot of fun <3

The Pregnancy Blogs:

I kept a blog for each of my pregnancies, and I have now merged them in to a 7 year long (wow!) pregnancy blog: Seven Years Pregnant

The Yummy Mummy Blog:

I'm a girl who always needs a project! There was the two year "Wedding Project" and then the seven year "Babies Project" and now there is the "Yummy Mummy Project"! Since getting married my weight had crept up to over 15 1/2 stones which was putting my health at risk, not to mention making pay time with the kids difficult. So I started a mission to lose 75lb! I'm still going.... Find out how I'm doing over here on I Wannabe a Yummy Mummy.

The Future

I am trying to be a better blogger. I'm making an effort to engage with my readers, and attract new ones. I'm experimenting with a few things that may or may not work, but hey, it's all fun! If you've read this far then thank you!

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